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TunneSavi -Själens Lera 

Feel the Clay


Welcome to the exhibition by the Ceramic Guild of Southwest Finland. When working with clay, you can lose track of time and let your senses and emotions run wild. Clay is an ancient material that humans have worked with for thousands of years. It is easy to make friends with this expressive material, but it takes time, exploration, knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to discover the soul of clay.  Making pottery requires a delicate sense of touch and can be used to process and express feelings. 

Sculptor Katri Paunu has juried the exhibition. Our wish for Katri was to find a set of works that shows the diverse skills and styles of the guild members. In the exhibition you will find a wide variety of techniques and firing methods. We have put together a small glossary which we hope you will find helpful and enjoyable. In addition to the artwork, you can view photos of the guild members' work. During the exhibition, guild members will be present, so you can ask the makers directly about making ceramics. Follow info for these happenings at or in Instagram @keramiikkakilta.


Artists in the exhibition: Cornelius Colliander, Carola Gunell, Tiina Harjola, Tilla Hietanen, Elina Huovinen, Anna Korpiaho, Saara Kumpulainen, Outi Kurkijärvi, Iida Leonsaari, Pia Lintunen, Kristina Mediucha, Anu Nurminoro, Anna Nyreen, Jonna Oksanen, Antti Paananen, Katri Ruusunen, Birgit Ylijoki och Margot Åberg

The exhibition is supported by the City of Turku.

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